Child's Journey and Voice

In order to provide high quality services we must evaluate the effectiveness of different aspects of the child's journey into help and services, the quality of the decisions made by individual agencies and the quality of multi-agency processes. To enable us to do this we must listen to our children, young people and their families and then act upon what we have heard.

IRO Annual Report 2017: The Independent Reviewing Officers primary focus is to quality assure the care planning and review process for each child and to ensure that his/her current wishes and feelings are given full consideration.

This also requires the IRO to provide a statutory responsibility for the oversight of children's care planning and provide an annual report on the details of the IROs findings and make recommendations to the Local Authority on areas of strength and that of improvements for children. The Annual Report 2016/2017 from the IRO Service can be viewed on the right.

Participation in Reading Presentation: We have an active Participation Service within Reading.  A presentation which details their achievements in 2015 and aims for 2016 can be viewed on the right.

Voice of the Child in CSE report from November 2015:  This report gives a real insight into how exploited children and their families feel about what has happened to them and the services they have received. The report can be viewed on the right.

LSCB Annual Report 2014-15 - Young People's Version: Every year the LSCB is required to produce an annual report. It's aim is to provide an insight into the work carried out locally to safeguard children, outline progress made during the year and summarise the key priorities and challenges ahead. This year we have produced a video version for young people which can be viewed here: LSCB Annual Report 2014/15 Young People's Version

Thank you to our Young Carers group who produced the video for us. The full annual report can be viewed on the Annual Report page:

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