Child Protection Conferences

What are Child Protection Conferences?

There are two types of Child Protection conference which are known as an Initial and a Review.

An Initial Child Protection Conference is held when enquiries have shown that a child or young person may have been put at risk or suffered harm. Information is obtained from various agencies who may have involvement with the child or family including Police, Education and Health and representatives from the agencies will be invited to attend the conference together with the family and their representatives.

At the conference all information is shared and a decision is then made on whether to put a child protection plan into place which would set out what actions need to take place to ensure the child or young person stays safe in the future.

If a child protection plan is put in place then Review conferences will take place to monitor and discuss any improvements which may have occurred or any further developments. The first Review would take place within 3 months of the Initial conference and if necessary any subsequent reviews would take place at intervals of no more than 6 months. At the Review conference, a decision is made about whether a child protection plan is still needed or if there should be any changes to it to reflect any progress or further developments.

Minutes are taken at both Initial and Review conferences and copies are distributed to all those who attend or who have contributed information through reports.

If you are asked to provide a report to either an Initial or Review conference, please use the template on the right.  Reports should be returned securely, via your usual secure email, and marked Official-Sensitive,

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